Race Box Warm up/ Break in box

Quality Box available in 2 formats to fit your race box, vertical and horizontal.  Works on 2 - 9 volt bateeries or external power supply(not included).
$45 plus $3.50 shipping
Balanced Arm
Balanced Arm for Indy or Nostalgia Class or other classes that do not allow truing of the arms.
$15 a piece plus shipping.
Balanced and Trued Arms
Balanced and trued arm for classes that allow them.
$20 plus shipping

Performance parts

Dash Magnets

Stock Magnets

Matched chassis and gear plate

$2.50 per pair
Matched $6 per pair.
plus $2.50 Shipping
$2 per pair
Matched $5 per pair
plus $2,50 shipping
Matched chassis with "square post " gear plate
and gear clip.
$15 plus $2.50 Shipping